Thursday, 29 December 2011

Brianwavz HM3 Review

So its been around 3 weeks now since I bought myself these as a new pair of headphones to finally replace my stock apple ear bud and I've got to say I'm impressed. These headphones cost me all of $75 delivered yet their build quality and sound is well on par with far more expensive headphones, before buying these online with strong recommendations from the Headphonic team I went to the local electronics store and tried out their mainstream offering and to get anything near the clarity of these phones out of a pair of sennheisers would cost you easily double.
After receiving my phones I was telling my friends how great they are when my Beats fanatic friend piped up about how much better his studios were, so I gave them a try and while the studio's bass was nicer and all round better, the mids and highs sounded lost in the thumping background, while on the other hand the HM3s manage to keep everything in proportion.
As for comfort the HM3s stand out as well. I've tried out my friend's skullcandies a few time and they start to feel uncomfortable after only 30min which frankly isn't good enough. The HM3 however is quite comfortable. It has enough clamping force to hold them in place, but not enough to get the all to common clap of death. The only issue is that as they are closed they don't allow for any air flow and can get a little hot if your moving around or when its one of the all too common 30+ degree days here in Australia.
They come in great looking packaging through which you can easily see the phones, which in themselves look amazing.
All in all the HM3s are a nice set of phones that wont set you back a fortune and can punch well above their weight.